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Cockroach & Spider Control


We Will Leave Roaches Nowhere to Hide

Cockroaches and spiders are everyone’s nightmare. These unwanted house guests will stop at nothing to get into your home to seek food, water, and shelter. Since they are nocturnal creatures adept at hiding from one’s view, you never know when you might end up having an infestation in your home. The infestation can become worse if you don’t act now, which is why partnering with Atlantic Exterminating - a leading pest management company Western Massachusetts - is a great idea.

Our professional roach exterminators (with the necessary knowledge, training, and experience) meticulously attack the given problem until these horrible critters are gone for good with our proven methods and treatments. Our treatment includes different types of roaches, like American, German, Oriental, Wood, and Brown-banded in areas like Hampden, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Franklin.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches (or roaches) are accomplished hikers. At Atlantic Exterminating, we utilize a 4 step plan when it comes to treating roaches in your Western Massachusetts home.

  • 1. We inspect your home and educate you on how to prevent possible infestations in future.
  • 2. We identify the cockroach type and create an effective plan to fix any conditions keeping a cockroach infestation at bay.
  • 3. We treat the affected area with baits that cockroaches eat, and rely on liquid and aerosol treatments for severe infestations.
  • 4. We return in 3-4 weeks so we can treat again for roach nymphs and examine.

Nothing causes a sickening feeling than the sight of an unsightly roach scuttling into their hiding place when you turn the light on. Fret not! Through proper pesticide application and consistent monitoring, our professional exterminators assure you of a safe environment to return to.

Spider Control

We Send Creepy Crawlers to Where They Belong

Spiders are creepy! They really are. Nobody wants to come across one in their home. Treated as an unwelcome addition to your home, it’s best to hire pest control professionals for a quick and reliable solution. We rely on advanced methods and organic products so we can locate, identify, and exterminate these creepy pests within your home.

  • House Spider
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Wolf Spider
  • Black Widow