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How do I get rid of the pest problem?

It is best to contact a pest control profession to deal with pest problems.

Is your work guaranteed?

Most all of our services are guaranteed up to one year from the date of service.

Do you provide an effective solution for a pest control problem?

Yes we do provide an effective solution to pest control issues once that have been accessed.

Are all your quotations free of charge?

All of our service estimates are free of charge.

Pest Control Related

Is your work pet and child safe?

All of our bait placements are away from the pet and children areas. If bait is not it is placed in a locked box that cannot be opened without a key that we hold.

How long does it take for you to get to me?

Once you contact us we can generally respond to you with in 15-30 minutes to discuss what issue that you may have and give you a time for our service.

What if I have long-term pest problems?

With our service you should not have an ongoing long term pest problem. Due to our guarantee.

Do I need a pest control contract if I don't have a pest problem?

There is no need for a pest control contract if you have no pest issues.