How Can You Get Rid of Hornets for Good?


How Can You Get Rid of Hornets for Good?

Hornets are the pests that are found almost everywhere throughout the United States. These unwanted pests have the potential to be extremely dangerous because they attack in large swarms when they feel their homes are under threat. They build their seasonal nests in close proximity to people and pets. They seek a place that not only seems safe and secure but also tucked away from harm.

However, there are times when you need a professional hornet control service in Western Massachusetts because their sting can be awfully painful. But there are ways that you can consider to eliminate hornets yourself.

Read on to find five easy ways to consider for getting rid of hornets from your home.

  1. Eliminate a Single Hornet

A single hornet will seldom find a way into your home. Although you can consider using a rolled-up newspaper or fly-swatter, remember crushing the pest will release a chemical that can catch other hornets’ attention. If there’s a nest hidden in the attic or any other nearby location, more hornets are likely to invade your house. Using a household vacuum cleaner will be your best bet. Its extension hose will suck these pests into the vacuum.

  1. Spray and Remove the Nest

Hornet nests are usually found in enclosed areas, such as under eaves and rafters, leafy trees, on windows, or in attics. Once the nest is located, there are various ways to eliminate not only these pests but their nests as well. Spraying the nest at dawn or dusk will work to your advantage. This is the time when most of them have returned to sleep and don’t remain much active. Spray the nest with pesticide and have it removed after a few days.

  1. Use a Bucket Trap

Fill the buckets with vinegar, sugar water, and a small amount of slight dish soap. These are very effective when it comes to trapping and drowning hornets. Place near the areas where these unwanted creatures are likely to build their nests, including under eaves. Make sure you replace the solution on a regular basis on a regular basis.

  1. Discourage Hornets from Nesting

Traps can benefit you immensely in keeping hornets back from nesting in and around your home. However, there are many other methods to prevent them from seeking shelter in your home, including:

  • Keep your trees and bushes pruned
  • Paint or repaint eaves, walls, or any other nesting area
  • Hang an artificial nest.
  1. Hire a Pest Control Professional

Hiring a professional company for effective hornets control in Western Massachusetts is a good idea. These pros will identify not only nesting areas but also eliminate the hornets.

Most of the time people don’t come to know that they are a nest created by hornets until they realize it’s too late. That’s because these pesky critters are outstanding at covering up their homes from possible danger and responding swiftly to threats of any kind. It is for all these reasons that you need to implement the right precautionary measures when looking to eliminate hornet nests.

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