Looking for the best Pest control services in Western Massachusetts? Count us in


Looking for the best Pest control services in Western Massachusetts? Count us in

Pest control is a containment of the population of pests so that they do not cross a certain economic threshold. As we continue to wreak havoc with nature and disturb the ecological biodiversity of the areas around us, we destroy many organisms' habitat. This often leads to unpleasant situations where our living spaces become infested with unwanted bugs. Hence the need for pest control services. Common types of pests include ants, termites, spiders, cockroaches, spiders, rats, mosquitoes, etc.

Pest control methods:

Pest control methods can be broadly divided into two categories;

  • Mechanical methods
  • Chemical methods

Mechanical methods:

Under mechanical methods, various types of equipment, devices, and protective gear are used to cleanse the property and plants from pests. Shrouding plants or crops under a protective shield is one such example. Sometimes traps are set to catch pests, and their entry and exit points are blocked too, using various gadgets. All of these are examples of mechanical methods of pest control.

Chemical methods:

Under this method, pesticides are used to kill or drive away unwanted bugs. Pesticides are commonly available in the supermarket. But these widely available pesticides are diluted chemicals. If the infestation is huge, then they won't do. Professional pest control services have access to restricted-use pesticides. Their sale is strictly regulated by Federal law, and they are sold to licensed buyers only. These companies use these chemicals to hunt the pest away.

Sometimes a combination of both these methods is also used to control pests. It all depends on the extent of the infestation.

Some handy tips for pest control:

  1. These simple tips can help in pest control in Western Massachusetts and elsewhere too;
  2. Do not let the doors and windows open idly. Close them when not in use.
  3. If you want to let the air in and the bugs out, use a wire mesh screen for your windows and doors.
  4. Open holes drain, gutters are favorite nesting grounds for pests. Seal them where possible and regularly wash them with insecticides.
  5. Always store your food in airtight containers and jars. Do not expose it to open-air or always keep it covered and concealed.

  1. Do not accumulate food on the ground and also keep it away from the walls. The idea is to keep them inaccessible to pests.
  2. Keep an eye on any signs of pest attacks. The dark, unattended, and unclean areas are usually the most vulnerable for pests' hideout.
  3. Even if there are no pest attacks, there is no harm in fumigating your entire house once a year as a proactive measure for pest attacks.

Wrapping Up:

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