How to Handle Pest During Monsoons in Western Massachusetts


How to Handle Pest During Monsoons in Western Massachusetts

Does monsoon increase pest infestation in Western Massachusetts? Yes, it does! Humid and wet monsoon allows certain pests to thrive and increases the risk of infestation in your home. If you do not want to end up with a problem, rely on a professional pest control service in Western Massachusetts! 

What Types of Pests Love Wet and Humid Weather?
Monsoon marks the rise of mosquitoes! Mosquitoes can impact your property and cut down outdoor enjoyment. One of the most harmful pests, Mosquitoes, leads to diseases like Malaria! Mosquitoes thrive in warm and wet weather and breed in stagnant water. 

If you spot collected rainwater or sewerage water on your property, get rid of it quickly before the mosquito starts multiplying! 

Carpenter Ants are other pests that thrive in humid and wet weather. Ant species reproduce in higher numbers during humid weather. 

The Carpenter Ants create nests in different locations like rotten wood. These ant species can damage wooden structures. 

Do not forget the termites! Infestation by termites is higher during monsoon. The wet and humid weather helps the termite thrive and spread. Termites can damage and weaken the building structure. 

Pests that thrive during monsoon in Western Massachusetts are:

•    Cockroaches
•    Mosquitoes
•    Termites
•    Ants or Carpenter Ants
•    Stink Bugs
•    Flies
•    Spiders and more

What to Do to Prevent Pest Infestation in Western Massachusetts During Monsoon?

You cannot control the weather but take the best steps to prevent pest infestation at your home. Consider the correct ways to make your home pest-proof during the monsoon. Make sure you do not have standing water on your property. It prevents mosquitoes from breeding and multiplying. Fill the low-lying areas of your residential property in Western Massachusetts. Keep your gutters clear and drain the rainwater away from the building. It keeps the structure dry to avoid Carpenter Ant infestation.

•    Check the wet and leaky spots in your home where termites can thrive!
•    Trim the trees and shrubs around your home.
•    Remove and Dispose of waste or garbage regularly.
•    Immediately clean spills.
•    Do not leave food outside that attracts pests like flies and ants.
•    Remove stagnant water from your property.
•    De-clutter your home.

Bring in the Pest Control Professionals in Western Massachusetts

Whether or not you have an active pest infestation, call the pest control professionals in Western Massachusetts for an inspection. The best way to prevent a pest infestation is by taking the correct steps with the assistance of experts. For monsoon pest problems and solutions, you can rely on the experts at Atlantic Exterminating to get the best! We are knowledgeable and trained to identify the signs of pest infestations and take the best steps to mitigate the issue. Our highly trained pest control professionals can address the problem with the best and most effective solutions. 

When searching for fast, safe, and reliable pest control service near me in Western Massachusetts, rely on Atlantic Exterminating! Call us at (413) 747-7828 to know about environmentally friendly pest control options!